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World Of Ted Su Straps

Ted Su Straps is established in 2004, dedicates to the art of watch strap making.

We create our own tools and our own methods of producing the best straps. We even make our own rubber straps: the "Concept Rubber" and "FIN". The "Concept Rubber" is the world's first 3d rubber watch strap.

Please visit here for more info:

Concept Rubber

We are the first to use cork as padding in the straps. Natural cork is resistant to moisture (sweat), so it doesn't absorb human sweat which is the no.1 cause of the bad odor. Most strap manufacturer uses foam, sponge or even paper as padding. Cork prolongs durability as itself balances the moisture content inside the strap. Excess moisture is one of the biggest enemies of leather goods.

Straps can be custom made for all brands of watches. Please send us an e-mail with: pictures of your watch, the model name and we will get back to you shortly. If you don't know how to measure your wrist size, please visit our blog for instructions.

Shipping by Fedex and EMS to most parts of the world.

What our clients say about us

"When I think of Swiss ammo straps, Ted Su will come to my mind immediately. They are so full of character and they bring out the best in our Panerai. Lastly and most importantly, it has really been a pleasure dealing with Ted all these years. He has never failed to deliver."

- Andy Chen Singapore

"Some years ago, a French watch collector Subco, made me discover straps from Ted Su. It's really hard to describe with words how quality, flawless finish is. it's just a true perfection. I think these straps inspire me as much as the Panerai for my Pictures.I've never been disappointed, and more than that, I'm always fascinated when I get new models. Many thanks, Ted, for your kindness, your availability and the quality of your work."

- Thomas Derousseau

Ted-su-straps-Heng Wei

"The smile on my face says it all.
Ted Su exceeds my expections every time."

- Heng Wei