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New Concept Rubber strap for Rolex

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Concept Rubber strap for Rolex- FIN

The FIN rubber strap for Rolex is inspired by the swimming fins worn by divers to increase speed under water.  Unlike any
other rubber straps for Rolex, the FIN is an original Ted Su design.  The strap is designed and made in Taiwan using the best
material to ensure ultimate comfortability and durability.

Fits Rolex sports models such as Submariner, GMT-Master II
Daytona, Datejust and Yachtmaster.  It also fits many sports watch models with 20mm lugs.  Please contact us for more detail.

Very easy to install. 

Fit's wrist 16.5cm and up to 20cm.

*Fits majority of Rolex sports models. 

For more pitctures, please visit:  Ted Su Facebook page

Line: Tedsustraps

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