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Dive Buckle and Strap

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Ted Su dive buckle and rubber strap for Panerai
Ted Su rubber dive strap and solid 316L dive buckle


New Dive Buckle and Strap

The newest edition Ted Su Dive Straps.

Revisions of the dive buckle and rubber dive strap were made based on years of experiences and customer feedback. The newest dive buckle/rubber strap system is truly the most comfortable rubber strap for Panerai. Not only it is a worry-free strap (it is so comfortable that you will often forget you are wearing a watch), it is built to take any abuse your adventurous life style can offer.

Every Ted Su Dive buckle/strap is guaranteed for 2 years.

Strap width available in 24mm and 26mm.  Other sizes such as 22m and 21mm are laser notched at the lug ends.

Strap length at 75/125 only.  Fits wrists up to 19cm/ 7.5 inch.


Size: 21mm x 32mm x 10mm

Material: 316L stainless steel.


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