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Ammotara strap custom made to your specifications

Ammotara strap custom made to your specifications

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Part Number:CMA-001

Choose Options and Quantity

Strap Width
Strap Length
Color of Alcantara
color of Swiss amomo leather
Stitch Color
Buckle Finishing
Strap Keepers
Ammotara straps features
Ammotara with green alcantara
Ammotara strap with black alcantara
Ammotara with grey alcantara
Ammotara in green alcantara 




1. Color of Swiss ammo leather-  The colors of the vintage Swiss ammo pouch leather can be categorized into light, medium to dark brown          only.  If you want to be very specific in color, please contact us prior ordering.  


    Alcantara is available in:   Green, grey and black. 

2. Stitching color-  Default stitching color will be matching stitching to the Alcantara you have chosen.  Other stitching colors are available.  Please contact us.  


3. Buckle finishing: Polished.  Brushed.  Vintage.  DLC (diamond like coating) black or bronze. 


Strap Length- Use the table (for ammo straps) below as a guideline to choose strap length.  Wrist size can be measured by  wrapping a string around your wrist and measure it's length.

Size for ammo straps
Wrist size
Recommended strap Length (mm)
16cm  6 1/4 in.
17cm  6 3/4 in.
18cm  7 in.
19cm  7 1/2 in.
20cm  8 in
21cm  8 1/4 in.


5. Other preferences- Fill in the Preference field if you will like to further customize your Ammotara strap. 

6. Picture of the completed strap will be e-mail to you for your confirmation before shipping.




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