Tip to avoid strap being scratched

Most Rolex watches are not designed for leather straps...

We received lots of complaints about straps being scratched or even cut opened at the lug ends.

Most Rolex are designed for metal bracelets, the lug ends are sharp, they are not rounded and polished simply because there's no need.

A leather strap gets scratched/cut easily the first time if you are not careful. We've done all that can be done to avoid this e.g: curved lug ends, thinner lug ends...etc.  But as you can see from the strap in the picture, the strap is curved and it is pretty thin and yet it is still cut open by the sharp Rolex case.

Year ago I found out this cheap and easy way to avoid all the troubles.  Just use a piece of Scotch tape to cover the sharp edges.

As shown in the picture, a small piece of transparent tape is all it takes.

We always include a note about this tip when customers buy Rolex straps from us.  Please don't ignore it, it will save both you and me lots of troubles and money.

Protecting your strap from Rolex case
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Tip to protect your strap for scratching