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Royal blue Shell Cordovan Strap.  Limited Quantity.

Royal blue Shell Cordovan Strap. Limited Quantity.

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Royal Blue Shell Cordovan Strap


Shell Cordovan comes from horses.  The shell refers to the under layer of the skin that covers the posterior of a horse.  Each horse has two shells.


Genuine shell cordovan has to be vegetable tanned, which the process takes as long as 6 months.  The time consuming and labor intensive process limit the production, making it one of the rarest leather available.


 "Royal Blue" a very rare and beautiful color on shell cordovan.  We have been waiting for this particular color for more than 2 years.  The quantity is limited.  Please order now before it goes out of stock again.

Custom orders are welcomed.  Please contact us using the "Contact Us" form or find us on FB.


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