Advantages of Ted Su Ammotara straps over conventional straps

Last year, we discovered the advantages of Alcantara material and I have fall in love with it ever since.  

The Alcantara is known for it's abrasive and water resistance.  It has been used exclusively in sports car interiors.  

For a wrist strap, the area near the holes receives the most wear and tear.  From our experiences, more than half of the
oem or other brands straps sent into our shop in Taiwan, were broken or cracked at the strap holes area.  

Since the beginning when I started working on watch straps, I have been using fiber glass to reinforce the lug ends as well as the strap  
holes area.  Our strap will not break into pieces, but since leather are organic materials, they will break eventually. 

So when I came across the Alcantara, I have been trying to combine our signature Swiss ammo leather and Alcantara together.  It's much more than
what you see.  The know how and technique behind the joining process took us many months to perfect.   

Now you have the best of both worlds:  Leather- for it's texture and classic look, and Alcantara- for it's durability and comfort. 

This is an original design watch strap that will fit your everyday activity perfectly and will complement your Panreai, Rolex, IWC and more.  

At Ted Su straps, we love interesting and original idea.  We will continue to bring you more interesting projects.

Enjo the pictures: 

Ted Su Ammotara strap for Panerai luminor marina
Ted Su Ammotara strap for Rolex GMT Master-II
Ted Su original design Ammotara strap for Rolex GMT-Master II