What are Swiss Ammo Straps?

Swiss Ammo Straps are special straps created using vintage Swiss Ammo Pouch leathers from the beginning of the last century.  Some of the leathers are over 100 years old!  

Why do we choose ammo pouches from the Swiss army instead of others?

Swiss ammo pouches are made using high quality cow hide from the Swiss mountains.  These cow hides are thick and supple, and of very high quality.  

All Swiss Ammo pouches come with a set of stamps indicating:  1. The year the ammo pouch was made.  2.  The name of the maker and 3. The city/town the pouch was issued to.  This set of stamps is highly desirable among strap collectors. 

Why Ted Su Swiss Ammo Straps are so popular?

Unique- No two Swiss Ammo straps are exactly the same due to their age and history.  They look extremely well on watches with military background such as Panerai and Rolex. 

Durable - The leather is thick and saturated with natural oil. The more oil in the leather, the more durable the leather is.

Customization - Swiss ammo straps can be made exactly to your preferences.  Stitching colors, textures, location of the stamps...and many more.  With so many options, you can create a totally unique Swiss Ammo Strap to fit your style. 

Fiberglass reinforced- - All critical areas of the strap are reinforced with tear-proof fiberglass paper.

Vintage “Bridge Stitching” - - This unique stitching is found inside the Swiss Ammo Pouches. Details like this shows the amount of attention invested in making such beautiful pouches. We love to continue this legacy from that era.

Since the first Swiss Ammo Straps were created in 2005, they have become our signature and most popular straps.

Ted Su Swiss ammo pouches

Swiss Ammo Pouches

Ted Su Swiss ammo straps for Panerai

Stamps showing 1. The year the pouch was made, 2. The maker, and 3. The city/town the pouch was issued.  There is also a small Swiss shield, which usually will be included in the strap.  

Ted Su Swiss Ammo Straps for Panerai

Swiss Ammo Pouch stamps on the strap.  Olive green thread.  

Ted Su Swiss ammo straps for Panerai

Swiss Ammo Pouch stamps on the tip end of the strap. This strap is made from a Swiss Ammo Pouch dated back in 1910.  

Ted Su Swiss Ammo Straps fiberglass reinforcement

All critical areas are reinforced with fiberglass for tear-proof protection.

Ted Su Straps 316 steel 24mm buckles

We make our own buckles from solid 316L stainless steel plates and hand polish to perfection.

Ted Su Swiss Ammo straps Bridge Stitching

Vintage Bridge Stitching. A tribute to the craftsmen who made the Swiss ammo pouches back in the old days.

Ted Su Swiss Ammo Straps

Customer strap dated 1938.

Ted Su Special Edition Swiss Ammo Straps

Special edition Swiss Ammo Strap.

Customer straps in light and medium brown Swiss Ammo Pouch leather.