True masters of the craft

We have been making the finest watch straps in Taiwan since 2005. The goal of perfecting the straps to fit the standards of both comfort and style requires attention to detail and zero-compromise on quality. With immense dedication, we emerged as the first handmade watch strap brand in Taiwan and since then have been making straps that are elegant in their shape and design. The fine edges and contour of the straps are what make our straps the finest ones.



We here at Ted Su, design our own strap templates, making them inimitable. The graceful and not over the top designs of the straps makes them easily wearable in daily routine. Their elegant style makes you want to wear them every day without getting bored. We avoid choosing exaggerated strap designs that might not be suitable for daily wear. Our stylish straps give your watch a brand new look, just like buying a new watch.


We pay attention to minute details for your comfort as it is our priority. Even the grain of the hides is considered and cut accordingly to provide the most comfortable and durable strap. All the edges are chamfered and smoothened so they won’t scrape your wrist or get caught on your clothes. Strap lengths are calculated precisely so that the buckle is positioned accurately under the wrist. Many OEM straps are too long for Asian customers with average wrist size from 16-17cm. The OEM deployant or tang buckles are positioned to the side of the wrist causing discomfort. Due to this, the watch case often hangs on the edge of the wrist

Made in

Our straps are handmade detail in our Ted Su workshop in Taiwan. This is where our team of 6 dedicated artists with more than 60 years of experience, combined, invest their time and energy to make these intricately saddle-stitched watch straps. Our workers are multi-skilled in leather crafts, metal works and CNC (computer numeric controlled) machining.

Upper strap material

We give paramount importance to the hide sources for our leather. Grade A North American alligators are exclusively used as our source. These are all farmed alligators with a CITES (Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species) tag. Another leather used is the Shell Cordovans which is an equine leather obtained from horses. Vintage Swiss army leathers from the first world wars and many other exotic leathers such as Napa and English saddle leather are also used to produce quality products.

Strap lining

We only use Zermatt leather for our strap lining. It is the cream of the crop lining material that is both durable and comfortable. Zermatt leather comes from tanneries in France and is made of calfskin. This top-grade leather is additionally tanned to give it a supple feel. Our special methods give an option of replaceable linings that increases the longevity of the straps. Linings are like shoe soles, they will wear and tear over time. At Ted Su straps, we offer a one-time free replacement of lining on all our straps.


Ted Su straps are the first ones to use cork as a padding material in the straps. Cork doesn’t absorb water and is not affected by chemicals. These characteristics of cork prevents the padding from soaking sweat and water inside the strap. This is a plus point as our straps don’t get damaged easily or give off a sweaty odor and thus have a prolonged strap life. Cork also has a very good ability to return to its original shape after being bent or pressed, making the strap durable. Our cork padding gives good support to heavy watches. The use of fiberglass to reinforce critical parts in the straps was pioneered by us. It makes our straps strong and long-lasting and prevents it from breaking into half even if the leather cracks or tears.

The finished products – the watch straps

The watch straps are designed accurately to fit to watch cases with ease. The seamless stitching is perfectly aligned with the edges in precisely straight lines. The edges are coated with several layers of sealant to protect the strap from moisture and preventing it from wear and tear. Before being shipped, our finished straps go through our quality control. They are double-checked by our quality control person as well as Ted Su himself.

Strap care and presentation

Ted Su straps are made for you with dedication and patience. Care needs to be taken to improve the life span of your straps. Watch strap’s biggest enemy is alcohol. Liquor, perfumes and hair sprays will stain the strap or cause discoloration so avoid bringing your straps in contact with these items. The biggest advantage of Ted Su’s straps is that they are made in a way that the lining is replaceable. The lining can be replaced as long as the upper strap material is intact and not damaged. All Ted Su Straps can be sent back to us for a one-time free lining replacement.