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Trapezoid straps- Custom order

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Original, Minimal, Everyday use 

English bridle from J&E Sedgwick.  

J&E Sedgwick is an English leather supplier/finisher founded in 1900 

who is renowned  for providing the best English bridle leather in the world.  

The bridle leather from J&E Sedgwick is saturated with wax and grease, meaning it does not dry out easily and will last a very

long time. 

Perfect leather of choice for the Trapezoid strap.

One of the most original and unique feature on the Trapezoid strap is the chamfered edges.  They allow significantly more wrist movements

without binding, creating a brand new strap wearing experience.  The chamfered edges are much more than what meets the eyes,  it took

us some serious thinking to perfect the chamfers on the leather. 

The Trapezoid trap is stiff when brand new.  You may need to wear one hole looser for a day to break the strap in. 

Trapezoid is the most comfortable strap I have created.  Sometimes I don't even notice I'm wearing my Panerai. ~ Ted Su

Available in Black, Brown and English green. 

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