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Vintage ammo Straps

This is our signature strap since the very beginning.  We have over 14 years of experience in making ammo straps.  

Ammo straps are made using vintage Swiss or French ammo pouches dated back to the First World Wars.

Swiss ammo pouches are saturated with oil because the higher oil content, the more durable it will be.  There is a lot of skills and know-hows involved in treating this kind 

of leather.  

The ammo pouch leather is full of history and characters,  no two straps made out of them are exactly the same.  They are totally unique.

Swiss or French ammo straps are a must for all Panerai and vintage watch lovers.  

Ready made straps are available mostly in 24mm, 26mm and 22mm for Panerai models.  But we can also custom make them in different sizes such as 20mm For Rolex or 

22mm for IWC pilot models.  

We can custom make them to your exact specifications.  Please contact us for details.