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Ted Su Signature Swiss ammo straps custom made to your specifications

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Price: US200.00
Part Number: CMS-026-2
Availability: In Stock

Choose Options and Quantity

Ted Su Swiss ammo straps custom made to your specifications
Ted Su Swiss ammo straps custom made for your Panerai

Position of the Swiss ammo pouch stamps:  At the lug end or, at the tail end.

Swiss ammo straps with different style of stitching
Dead end Stitching.  Box Stitching.  Wrapped Stitching.

Edge finish:  Vintage style untreated finish or highly burnished

Ted Su Swiss ammo straps with edge creasing
Strap Creasing:  Strap on the left is creased at the edges for more dressy look.  On the right, non creased
for rugged historic look. 

Buckle finishing:  Polished.  Brushed.  Vintage/Matt.  Black ceramic coated (discontinued).

DLC (diamond like coating) buckles. 
Black sand blasted. Black mirror finished.  Bronze color finished. 
Ted Su dlc diamond like coated buckle
Ted Su straps DLC buckle
Ted Su DLC bronze buckles

Ted Su signature Swiss Ammo Straps custom made to your specifications:

We have been making Swiss Ammo Straps since the very beginning of the Panerai trend.  For over 14 years, we have been making the best Swiss ammo straps on the market. We can custom made to any sizes and for any watch brands.  Not only we can make for Panerai, there's an increasing number of orders for Rolex, Breitling, IWC and even Audemars Piguet.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your next custom Swiss ammo strap.  

If you already know what you want, please proceed with the ordering process and feel free to let us know if you need any assistance. 

Here are your options:



1. Color-  The straps are made from vintage Swiss ammo pouches, color can vary from light, medium to dark brown. Straps can also be dyed in black.



2. Texture of the strap-  The Swiss ammo pouches are at least 50 years old. Some are even 100 years old. 




    Lightly distressed-  Few marks and scratches.


    Distressed- The strap will have some oil stains and marks, giving the strap good amount of character.


    Well worn and distressed- Often preferred by customers who own vintage timepieces such as vintage Panerai. They want a strap that can deliver the true military and vintage
    look that matches their valuable timepieces.


             *The durability of the Swiss ammo straps is guaranteed, no matter which texture you choose.


3. Style- Standard Ted Su Swiss ammo straps come with 1 set of stampings originally from the Swiss ammo pouches.  You can have the strap made without any stampings too.


4. Stitching color-  Linen color is the standard color.  Olive green is increasing in popularity. Customer can choose other colors such as black, white, yellow, blue or any colors                  available.


5. Buckle finishing: Polished.  Brushed.  Vintage/matt.  Black DLC (Diamond like coating) or  Bronze DLC (Diamond like coating). 


Strap Length- Use the table (for ammo straps) below as a guideline to choose strap length.  Wrist size can be measured by  wrapping a string around your wrist and measure it's length (check the Blog for details).  

7. Strap Edge finish
-  The highly burnished edge is both functional (keeps water from entering the strap) and best represent the artisanal skills of Ted Su Straps.  You can left the strap edge untreated for rugged historic looks too.  

8. Strap Creasing-
  Strap is creased at the edge for more elegant and dressy look.  Non creased straps are for collectors who love true historic looks.

Size for ammo straps
Wrist size
Recommended strap Length (mm)
16cm  6 1/4 in.
17cm  6 3/4 in.
18cm  7 in.
19cm  7 1/2 in.
20cm  8 in
21cm  8 1/4 in.


9. Other preferences- Fill in the Preference field if you will like to further customize your Swiss Ammo Strap.

10. Picture of the completed strap will be e-mail to you for your confirmation before shipping.

11.  Average lead time for a custom Swiss ammo strap is 25-30 days.  

12.  Shipping is free by registered airmail 10-15 days.  $25 by express worldwide 3-6 days.  




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