First, let's determine the wrist size. Wrist size can be measured by wrapping a string around the wrist and measure it's length.

The string shows a 17cm wrist.

When choosing a strap, it is the length of the "buckle end" that plays the most important role.

The length of buckle end controls where the buckle sits on the wrist.

When choosing a strap, it is preferred that the buckle sits slightly towards the inner wrist so that when resting your wrist on the table,

the buckle will not hit the table top.

Size Chart:

15cm/ 5.9” to 16cm/ 6.3”---- 60/100

16cm/ 6.3” to 17cm/ 6.7”---- 65/110

17cm/ 6.7” to 18cm/ 7.1”---- 75/125

18cm/ 7.1” to 19cm/ 7.5”---- 85/130

19cm/ 7.5” to 20cm/ 7.9” ---- 90/135

The above numbers are general guidelines. If you are unsure about sizing, when checking out from our website, please leave us a note letting us know your wrist size.

For ammo straps, we encourage choosing one size up as ammo straps tend to look better with slightly longer tail.